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Seaside Serenity

Seaside Serenity

Amidst the sea and rocky shore,
The Point Lobos Preserve stands forevermore.
Its beauty stretches far and wide,
A sight that fills the heart with pride.

The clouds above, a dreary grey,
Yet still the beauty takes my breath away.
For in the midst of the gloom and haze,
There's a certain charm that the clouds convey.

The waves crash against the shore,
A reminder of the sea's mighty roar.
And yet amidst the chaos and sound,
A peacefulness in the soul is found.

In Point Lobos, the beauty lies,
Not just in the clear and sunny skies,
But in the clouds that veil the sun,
A reminder that beauty can be found in everyone.

So let us take a moment to see,
The beauty in the clouds and the sea.
For in Point Lobos, as in every place,
There is a beauty that time cannot erase.

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