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A Dance of Love

A Dance of Love

In fields of green and endless light,
Two tulips sway, in morning bright,
A dance of love, a symphony,
Of petals soft and harmony.

They spin and twirl, in sweet embrace,
Their love a dance, of timeless grace,
A love that blooms, in vibrant hue,
In light purple, forever true.

Their rhythm syncs, with beating hearts,
A dance that starts, and never departs,
A dance of love, in gentle breeze,
A love that's pure, with no disease.

Their passion strong, their bond secure,
A love that's fierce, and evermore,
In every move, a love so bright,
A love that dances, with all its might.

And as they sway, in sweet romance,
Their love a dance, of sweetest chance,
We watch in awe, as love takes flight,
A dance that's pure, a love so right.

So let us dance, with hearts so true,
In fields of green, and endless view,
A dance of love, a symphony,
Of petals soft, and harmony.

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