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Floral Symphony

A Dance of Love

In fields of green and endless light,
Two tulips sway, in morning bright,
A dance of love, a symphony,
Of petals soft and harmony.

A Promise of Love

In the land of Whistler, where snow meets sun,
A basket of blooms in full regalia hung.
A gift of summer amidst winter's chill,
A vibrant display that time cannot still.

Compassionate Blooms

In the garden of life, we bloom and grow,
Like the Dahlia, with petals in a row,
But there are times when storms will come,
And our spirits falter, our hearts undone.

Flame of Love

Two tulips in the garden bed,
Huddled close, by love they're led,
In deep red hue, they bloom as one,
Their love a flame, that's never done.

Humble Love

In the garden's verdant bed,
A bloom of pink, a humble spread,
A common flower, yet so grand,
A symbol of love, simple and bland.

Love for All

Of all the flowers in the field,
The sunflower stands tall revealed,
Its face upturned to catch the light,
A symbol of hope, a joyful sight.

Love to be Born

So let us open up our hearts,
And let love in to do its part,
For like the tulip, love will bloom,
And bring beauty into every room.

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Rose Aria (1) - First Love

First love, a memory so dear,
That lingers on for many a year,
A time of innocence and youth,
A feeling so pure, so full of truth

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Rose Aria (2) - True Love

True love is a force to behold,
A power that cannot be controlled,
It sparks a fire deep within,
And fills the heart with joy and kin.

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Rose Aria (3) - Forbidden Love

Forbidden love, a flame so bright,
That burns within with pure delight,
A love that's hidden from the light,
And fills the heart with pure respite

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