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Humble Love

Humble Love

In the garden's verdant bed,
A bloom of pink, a humble spread,
A common flower, yet so grand,
A symbol of love, simple and bland.

Its petals soft, a gentle hue,
A heart that beats with love so true,
No need for show, no need for flair,
Just humble love, beyond compare.

For love is not a thing of gold,
But rather found in hearts so bold,
That choose to give, to share, to care,
To make a difference, anywhere.

It's in the small and simple things,
The kindnesses that make hearts sing,
The selfless acts, the quiet ways,
That show the world our love always.

And like this bloom, so soft and sweet,
We too can shine with love complete,
Content to share our hearts with care,
And bring beauty to the world, everywhere.

For in the end, it's love we seek,
A love that's kind, a love that's meek,
That brings us closer, heart to heart,
And makes us whole, and never apart.

So let us learn from this bloom bright,
And keep our love forever in sight,
For in its humble form, we see,
The beauty of love, for all to be.

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