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Compassionate Blooms

Compassionate Blooms

In the garden of life, we bloom and grow,
Like the Dahlia, with petals in a row,
But there are times when storms will come,
And our spirits falter, our hearts undone.

It's then we need a friend to care,
To show us love and offer a prayer,
To be a beacon in the night,
A light that shines so very bright.

For sympathy is like a balm,
That soothes the soul and brings us calm,
It's like a soft and gentle rain,
That washes away our tears and pain.

And like the Dahlia, with its many hues,
Sympathy can come in many views,
A simple word, a gentle touch,
Can mean so much, can mean so much.

So let us be the one who cares,
Who shows compassion, who dares to share,
For in this world, we all need love,
A gift that comes from up above.

And like the Dahlia, with its beauty so bright,
Let sympathy be our guiding light,
To heal the wounds and ease the pain,
And bring hope and love once again.

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