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A Promise of Love

A Promise of Love

In the land of Whistler, where snow meets sun,
A basket of blooms in full regalia hung.
A gift of summer amidst winter's chill,
A vibrant display that time cannot still.

Petals of every hue, an artist's delight,
In perfect harmony, a wondrous sight.
Their fragrance fills the mountain air,
A symphony of scents, a joy to share.

The snow-capped peaks, a stunning backdrop,
A world of contrasts, together locked.
The warmth of summer, the cool of snow,
A harmony of seasons, in nature's flow.

In this paradise, a love story unfolds,
Amidst the flowers and mountains, bold.
A tale of passion, a tale of delight,
A love that blooms, in plain sight.

So let us cherish this moment of grace,
A reminder of nature's loving embrace.
A promise of beauty, a promise of love,
A hanging basket, a gift from above.

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