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Rose Aria (1) - First Love

Rose Aria (1) - First Love

First love, a memory so dear,
That lingers on for many a year,
A time of innocence and youth,
A feeling so pure, so full of truth.

It's like a dream that never ends,
A hope that always transcends,
The limits of reality,
And fills the heart with pure vitality.

First love, a flame that burns so bright,
And fills the heart with pure delight,
It's like a spring that never dries,
A light that shines within our eyes.

It's like a dance that never stops,
A rhythm that's forever in our thoughts,
It fills our hearts with endless glee,
And makes us feel so young and free.

First love, a treasure we all share,
A memory that we'll always care,
It gives us strength and fills our hearts,
And keeps us whole, though we're far apart.

So let us cherish first love's flame,
And never let it fade away,
For it's a part of who we are,
And guides us through both near and far.

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