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Rose Aria (2) - True Love

Rose Aria (2) - True Love

True love is a force to behold,
A power that cannot be controlled,
It sparks a fire deep within,
And fills the heart with joy and kin.

It's like a flower that blooms and grows,
Through sunshine, rain, and winter's snows,
A beauty that's everlastingly,
And fills the heart so passionately.

True love is like a gentle breeze,
That calms the heart and brings us ease,
It carries us to higher planes,
And frees us from our earthly chains.

It's like a song that fills the air,
And echoes through the mountains bare,
It brings us peace, it brings us light,
And fills our souls with pure delight.

True love is a treasure rare,
A gift that's meant for us to share,
It gives us strength and lifts us high,
And helps us reach for the sky.

So let true love guide you on your way,
And fill your heart with joy each day,
For it's the one thing that will remain,
And keep you whole through joy and pain.

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