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Love for All

Love for All

Of all the flowers in the field,
The sunflower stands tall revealed,
Its face upturned to catch the light,
A symbol of hope, a joyful sight.

With petals bright and bold and gold,
The sunflower's story can be told,
Of love and life, of strength and grace,
Of warmth and beauty in every space.

It's like a beacon in the sun,
A sign of joy for everyone,
A symbol of hope in troubled days,
A light that shines in myriad ways.

For when the world is dark and drear,
The sunflower brings a bright cheer,
A reminder that the sun will rise,
And light will come, to our surprise.

It's like a smile that warms the heart,
A joy that's felt right from the start,
A love that's shared in every part,
A grace that never will depart.

So let us turn our faces too,
Towards the light that shines so true,
And let the sunflower's story be,
A symbol of hope for you and me.

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