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Blossom of Spring

Blossom of Spring

The world awakens from its slumber,
As the season of spring begins to lumber,
A time of rebirth, of growth and change,
A season that's never quite the same.

The trees put forth their emerald leaves,
As nature paints the world with greens,
The flowers bloom, their petals bright,
A rainbow of colors, a wondrous sight.

The birds return, their songs abound,
A symphony of life, a joyful sound,
The bees and butterflies take flight,
Dancing in the sun's warm light.

The air is crisp, the sky is blue,
The world is born anew,
A time of hope, a time of cheer,
As springtime brings a brand new year.

And so we welcome this new season,
With hearts full of love and reason,
For in this time of growth and grace,
We find a renewed sense of faith and pace.

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