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Discover the Beauty Within: Tales from a Crystal Ball  

In this captivating collection, you'll find artworks paired with poems, all inspired by a single piece of rose quartz crystal ball.


These photo images and intentionally designed artworks on digital canvas not only showcase the beauty of imperfection caused by mineral formation, but also reveal the limitless possibilities of creativity. They serve as a reminder of our own flaws and encourage us to embrace our authenticity. From depicting different seasons, landscapes, and moments from dawn to dusk, earth to space, these artworks are a visual feast that ignite imaginations, emotions, and sensations.


The poems are generated through human-machine interactions by ChatGPT, adding a unique touch to the tales from the crystal ball. Embark on a journey of discovery with us as we delve into the intricacies and wonders of each artwork and poem, and uncover the beauty that lies within.

Blossom of Spring

The world awakens from its slumber,
As the season of spring begins to lumber,
A time of rebirth, of growth and change,
A season that's never quite the same.

Blue Horizon

A canvas of blue, a landscape's tale,
Mountains rise, rivers meander and sail.
Abstract hues, a dreamlike scene,
In shades of blue, a world serene.

Colour of Pride

The color wheel spins, a rainbow bright,
A symbol of pride, an illuminating light,
A spectrum of shades, of colors so bold,
A story of diversity, that's waiting to be told.

Dream Bright

Dream a dream of a world so bright,
Where unity, kindness, and tolerance are in sight,
Where humanity thrives, and love takes flight,
A world where differences are celebrated with delight.

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Limitless Possibilites

In the beauty of imperfection, we dwell, 
Unlimited possibilities doth call, 
A world of wonder, a world of light, 
As the crystal's energy takes flight.

Love Me Tender

Love me tender, with a heart so true,
For I may be different, but I'm just like you,
With hopes and dreams that I long to pursue,
And a heart that's full of love that's overdue.


My Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

In the palm of my hand, a crystal ball,
Rose quartz allure, a treasure for all,
A journey of wonder, a poetic call,
As its energy enchants, both big and small.

Shine in Light

In the face of darkness and the night,
Some choose to hide and stay out of sight,
But others have a courage so bright,
That they step forward and shine with all their might.

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The Beauty of Imperfection

In the depths of a rose quartz crystal ball, 
A world of wonder, imperfection sprawls, 
As the light reflects, the cracks and flaws, 
A world of beauty, a world to pause.


Thrive Wide

Thrive wide, humanity as one,
With a spirit of unity, and a heart that's strong,
Let us rise above the disparities that we've spun,
And achieve prosperity where no one is left along.

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