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Dream Bright

Dream Bright

Dream a dream of a world so bright,
Where unity, kindness, and tolerance are in sight,
Where humanity thrives, and love takes flight,
A world where differences are celebrated with delight.

In this crazy world of division and strife,
Where evil, jealousy, and cruelty run rife,
We need to hold onto hope and keep our dreams alive,
And work towards a future where all can thrive.

Let us dream of a world where love conquers hate,
And kindness overcomes anger before it's too late,
A world where tolerance is the norm, not the exception,
And unity is valued above all, with no deception.

We may face wars and battles that seem never-ending,
But in our dreams, we can find the strength for mending,
To heal the wounds of the past and embrace the present,
And create a future where humanity is the key ingredient.

So let us dream a dream and make it come true,
With each small step we take, and every kind deed we do,
For a world where unity, kindness, tolerance, and humanity reign,
Is a world where we all can thrive and live without pain.

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