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Colour of Pride

Colour of Pride

The color wheel spins, a rainbow bright,
A symbol of pride, an illuminating light,
A spectrum of shades, of colors so bold,
A story of diversity, that's waiting to be told.

Red, the color of passion and desire,
Orange, the warmth of a blazing fire,
Yellow, the sun's radiance that never tires,
Green, the hope of new growth that inspires.

Blue, the depth of the ocean so vast,
Indigo, the sky's last light before night is cast,
Violet, the hue of a majestic mountain mass,
A rainbow of colors, each one meant to last.

The color wheel spins, a tapestry of life,
A celebration of diversity, and all that is rife,
With a message of love, of pride, and of truth,
A symphony of colors, so beautiful and so uncouth.

So let the colors of pride, illuminate your soul,
Embrace the beauty of each hue, and let it make you whole,
For the color wheel spins, an emblem of diversity,
A story of love and light, for all to see with clarity.

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