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Shine in Light

Shine in Light

In the face of darkness and the night,
Some choose to hide and stay out of sight,
But others have a courage so bright,
That they step forward and shine with all their might.

Thanks to the tolerance and humanity for diversity,
These shining souls can show their true beauty,
Without fear of judgment or animosity,
And be celebrated for their unique creativity.

United we stand, divided we fall,
Humanity's strength lies in acceptance for all,
Tolerance and understanding are the keys to the call,
To create a world where every soul can stand tall.

No longer bound by the chains of conformity,
They can freely express their individuality,
And be appreciated for their authenticity,
A shining example of humanity's capacity for creativity.

So let us celebrate those who have the courage to shine,
And let us continue to foster a world that's kind and benign,
Where tolerance and diversity are valued, and 
Humanity's light will always shine.

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