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Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon

A canvas of blue, a landscape's tale,
Mountains rise, rivers meander and sail.
Abstract hues, a dreamlike scene,
In shades of blue, a world serene.

Majestic peaks, towering high,
Cloaked in blue, against the sky.
Rivers winding, a silver thread,
Through valleys deep, their journey spread.

Blue mountains, reaching for the stars,
Ancient sentinels, bearing scars.
Mysterious depths, a tranquil hue,
Holding secrets, known to few.

Blue rivers, flowing with grace,
A lifeline, a timeless embrace.
Carving paths, through rugged terrain,
A symphony of blue, a majestic refrain.

In this abstract world of blue,
A landscape's beauty, ever anew.
Symbolizing mountains, rivers' flow,
A timeless scene, a visual show.

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