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My Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

My Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

In the palm of my hand, a crystal ball,
Rose quartz allure, a treasure for all,
A journey of wonder, a poetic call,
As its energy enchants, both big and small.

With a gentle pink hue, it calms my mind,
Revealing secrets, mysteries to find,
A world of beauty, a realm so rare,
In my rose quartz crystal ball, I'm aware.

Its reflections hold stories untold,
A poetic journey, a tale to unfold,
In my rose quartz crystal ball, I see,
A world of wonder, a magical decree.

With each gaze, I'm transported anew,
To realms of dreams, both old and new,
My rose quartz crystal ball, a source of inspiration,
Guiding me on a poetic exploration.

So come along, let's journey together,
With my crystal ball as our poetic tether,
Discovering wonders, both big and small,
In "My Rose Quartz Crystal Ball," after all.

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