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Thrive Wide

Thrive Wide

Thrive wide, humanity as one,
With a spirit of unity, and a heart that's strong,
Let us rise above the disparities that we've spun,
And achieve prosperity where no one is left along.

We're all in this together, no matter where we're from,
Or what color our skin, or what language we speak,
For we share the same earth, and the same rising sun,
And a future where no one is left behind is what we seek.

So let us thrive wide, with kindness and care,
And lift up those who may be struggling and scared,
For a world that's built on love and unity we'll share,
And prosperity for all, a dream no longer deferred.

No more divisions, no more walls,
No more prejudice, no more hate,
Let us answer the clarion call,
And build a world where all can thrive, and it's never too late.

With empathy and compassion, and a spirit of hope,
We can overcome the challenges that we face,
And create a world where humanity can cope,
With love and unity as our guiding grace.

Thrive wide, humanity as one,
And let us make a future that's truly divine,
With prosperity for all, and love as our sun,
A world where every heart can shine.

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