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Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender

Love me tender, with a heart so true,
For I may be different, but I'm just like you,
With hopes and dreams that I long to pursue,
And a heart that's full of love that's overdue.

Though I may be a minority, or in a vulnerable group,
My humanity is not defined by labels, but by the truth,
That I'm a person, just like you,
With a soul that's precious and a spirit that's true.

So love me tender, with empathy and care,
And see beyond the surface to the person that's there,
For in a world that's full of prejudice and despair,
Your love and kindness can help me repair.

For love is a bridge that connects us all,
And kindness the glue that keeps us from a fall,
So let us embrace each other with open hearts,
And create a world where love reigns and never departs.

Love me tender, with a heart so true,
And together we'll create a world that's brand new,
Where differences are celebrated, and love is the glue,
And unity, kindness, and humanity shine through.

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